Family Law

The Garnholz Law Firm handles a variety of Family Law issues:

  • Divorce: We assist clients in contested and uncontested dissolution matters, including divorces with high conflict and complicated assets.
  • Legal Separation: We advise clients on the process of legal separation and the situations where legal separation would be appropriate. We also assist clients with every step of the legal separation process.
  • Child custody and visitation: We represent parents in legal custody, physical custody and visitation of children cases.
  • Child support: We can help calculate and modify child support.
  • Modification of judgments: If your circumstances have changed since the entry of your Family Law Judgment, we are available to assist with every step of the modification process.
  • Enforcement of judgments: If you have a Family Law Judgment and the other party is refusing or failing to meet their obligations under that Judgment, we can assist with enforcement of that Judgment.
  • Paternity: We assist clients in contested and uncontested paternity matters.
  • Adoption: We handle private adoptions, adult adoptions, and recognitions of foreign adoptions.  If you are unsure what category your adoption falls into, we can advise the best process for your individual situation.

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